The Other Side of Forever Academy- Is The Main school TOSOF. It has a very large campus and college-like classrooms. Most students would rather go to this school, than their previous one.


The academy was created by Amanda one summer when she realized that there were many things that the community needed to learn. So Amanda chose a spot towards the center of "Super" and began building. There are three wings to the entire school. The Demon High, The other side of forever Elementary, and the other side of forever Academy. The first teacher of the school was Haruhi Suzumiya.

Three WingsEdit

Demon HighEdit

Demon High is a wing as large as the Academy. The Students in this wing are Demons, Jinchuriki, or other kinds of mythical beings. Vampires, for example, go to this wing. The Main Principal of this Wing is Amanda


The Academy Wing of the school holds most of the normal or Super related classes. These classes include Algebra, history, etc. And also Authors 101 Taught by Haruhi Suzumiya herself. Regular students attend this wing. Both Megan and Amanda are Principal's of this Wing.


The Elementary school is just like any elementary school. Kids under the age of fifteen go to this school. Demon or not. The Main Principal of this Wing is Megan