Julia "Jules" Black- Julia is the main Werewolf (Shapshifter) RPC from Megan's Twilight Fanfiction that takes
(Twlight RPC)Julia Black
place during the Twilight Books most info deals with the Fanfiction in the roleplay she lives in PG with her friend Alex Cullen at Gold Crown and is friends with the main cast there and is best friends with Duck from PG and Yukina and Sam from Super. Shes Also the only Girl wolf in the Pack besides Leah Clearwater

Age:13 (Twilight) 14 (in rest of books and turned so her body stays at 14)

Species:Werewolf (Shape-shifter)

Birthday: February 14th (Valentines Day)

Hair Color: Light Brown

Eye Color: Light Brown

Singing Voice:Kelly Clarkson



Billy BlackEdit

Her Father who like Jacob has a close bond with her she is a Daddy's girl and he considers her a blessing to bring light to the home after his wife passed away. Hes vary protective of her like Jacob but unlike Jacob he was more willing to accpet her friendship with Alex Cullen after they worked with the Cullens to stop a New born vampire army.

Jacob "Jake" BlackEdit

Unlike with her friend Alex who use to have a hate/love relationship with her brother Edward she has always had a close bond to Jacob. sence the 1st time she could walk she followed him around everyware she could go. Their relationship grew stronger over the years and stayed strong in Twilight. However starting in New Moon when the boys started to change into there wolf selfs and Jacob got his wolf form there relationship starts to go rocky when she finds out he hates Vampires but won't say why when she changed into her wolf form shocking everyone it got slightly better sence she knew what was going on and rememberd what Alex told her about how she hid her thoughts from Edward and used it for herslef in her wolf form so the pack wouldn't find out about Alex. Unforchnly it got even worse in Eclipse when her and Alex's secret was found out unlike Edward who took it with open arms he was in rage thinking that the Vampires had brainwashed his sister and took her away along with Bella. When he runs away shes devistated thinking it was her fault when he comes back in Brakeing Dawn and started his own pack she, Seth and Leah joined the pack Jacob thought she only joined to just protect her "vampire friends'. However when Seth and Leah tells him the truth about how she felt this hole time he felt devistated himself thinking he was the worst older brother ever for making her feel that way. They fix everything in there relationship and he agrees to tolerate the Cullen Family for her and his hatred goes away when he Imprints on Renesmee. There strugles has made their bond stonger then ever. It is later shown by Jacob himself that Julia is his Half sister on there fathers side.

Leah ClearwaterEdit

Even though Bella understands Julia's relationship with Alex the most Leah understands her strugles with being a wolf being the only two girl wolves on the pack and later her troubles with Jacob. Ever sence they were little she and Seth would come to play with her and Jacob and over the years saw that she and Seth had a strong relationship and stated "shes the only one I trust with Seth" and was a bit bitter that she and Seth imprinted on each other but also vary happy now knowing he was truely ment to be with Julia. She only saw Julia as a fucher sister in-law mainly after the imprinting but over time grew close to her to the point ware she saw her as a little sister like Jacob did without the Seth conection and helped Seth explain to Jacob why she was so upset. She also admires Julia's bright lookout on life and Julia helped her during her bitter days even teaching her how she can block out the others thoughts and block her own from them that she learned from Alex. Surpisenly when her friendship with Alex was shown she took it better then Jacob did even though she has a strong dislike for Vampires and was upset and mad at Jacob for "making your sister feel like crap" but understood both sides so didn't stay mad for long. Shes like an older sister RIGHT under Bella.

Bella (Swan) CullenEdit

At 1st Bella was just a family friend for there Dads always being friends. However in New Moon she starts to talk to her about her problems and finds that Bella understands what shes going through sence shes going through a similar problem. She can also trust her about it around Edward sence he can't read her mind. She and Alex now see her as an older sister and go to her for advise and knows shes the one who understands them the most

Renesmee (Nessie) CullenEdit

Even though she is the niece of Alex she sees her as a little sister and cares for her just as the Cullens do for after Jacob imprinted on her she knew that Renesmee will become her sister in law someday and trys to be a good older sister to her. She calls her Nessie when shes with Jacob or Alex but when shes around Bella she calls her Renesmee sence its the name Bella wants her to go by.

Friends Like FamilyEdit

Alex CullenEdit

She and Alex 1st meet when She comes with her Dad Billy and brother Jacob to say hello and welcome to Bella since she had no school for the day deiced to tour around Forks agest her fathers wishes when she bumbs into Alex she can see though her tough outlook and can tell shes a nice person and Alex agreed to give her a tour of the city since she was skipping school for the day. Out of everyone she has the most complex relationship with Alex most people could never see how they could be friends not only for Julia being a Shape-shifter Werewolf and Alex a Vampire but also for being so different in personality's however despite what people think she understands Alex better then anyone and vise versa if anything there relationship is the same as the Roleplay Authors Megan and Amanda.

Yukina (Super Only/Roleplay Only)Edit

When she came into the roleplay and visited Super for the 1st time like Alex with Hisa she became friends with Yukina just about right away for having common ground for there light lookout on life and similar personality trates and there strong bond to there brothers Jacob and Hiei. Shes the 2nd closest to her under Alex.

Duck/Princess Tutu (PG Only/Roleplay Only)Edit

Out of everyone of the Princess tutu cast she is closest to Duck finding her "funny and adroable" and seeing her strong will like hers to fight for her friends and make everyone happy. She defends Duck from her "friends" Pikie and Lillie (mainly Lillie) when they take things to far. She also sings songs for her dances and lets her ride on her head when shes in Duck form and Julia in wolf form. Shes tied with Yukina under Alex


Seth ClearwaterEdit

She and Seth have always been friends since they were little whenever he and Leah would come over to visit he would play with her all the time and as they got older they became best friends. Like Jacob and Billy he gets defensive and protective of her when others call her names behind her back that relates to her backround there friendship stays strong in Twilight. However in New Moon when Alex leaves and Julia is stuck in depression (not as bad as Bella's though) he comes over often to cheer her up and trys to find out why shes so sad she only tells him at the time that "a close friend moved far away" she finds herself falling for him over time. When she changes into a Werewolf the next time she sees him she imprints him right away proving its possible for female wolves to imprint. Not knowing how to deal with this she talks to Bella about it while at the same time starts to date Seth who has feelings for her as well. Near the end of New Moon when Alex and Alice come back to see if Bella was dead Seth's father died and the shock got Seth and Leah to change Alex convined Julia to go see Seth saying" Bella, Alice and I can handle Edward go see your boyfriend" when she does meet him there and he sees her for the 1st time in wolf form he imprints her back also proving a female wolf and male wolf can imprint on each other this is when she tells him about Alex who shocking to her accepts it with open arms. They are now in a good relationship and Leah and Jacob saport it and tese them about it often. He becomes best friends with Alex's boyfriend Luke.


Julia is one of the SWEETEST and NICEST girl's you will ever meet she hardly ever gets mad and loves to make everyone smile she is also vary polite and cares for others safety. She loves PG a lot and loves living there in the role-play with her friend Alex but does know a lot about Super for she and Alex visit there often to see Yukina and Hisa and gets along with people who have a lighter outlook on life

However despite her light personality she does have a darker side to herself (like Megan) but it rarely shows and only shows itself when she is truly upset. She is also a lot stonger then people think for she has a vary strong will and is able to make others believe in themselfs (like Alex and Bella) unlike Bella who fell to pices when Edward left Julia was able to make due with Alex gone and also handled her strugles with Seth and Jacob better then anyone would have expected and didn't fall aparet untill Jacob ran away from home.

She is VARY close to Alex despite being a Vampire and always conferts her when shes upset and can read her better then anyone (besides Luke) she gets protective of her when someone gives her a hard time and explains things on her behalf when Alex is really upset.She brings out the softer side in Alex and in turn Alex brings out her stonger side. She is also close to Bella for being the only one to understand her relationship with Alex from the Start since shes going through a similar problem with Edward and Jacob (but dealing with Love not friendship) and she falls in love with her childhood friend Seth.

In truth she is a sweet girl with a vary strong will Alex even states "As much as its hard for some people to believe shes stonger then me if I had her will I would have easily avoied countless mistakes I made in the past she doesn't even know how strong she is"

Wolf FormEdit

It is highly unkown how Julia is able to be a wolf of the pack even more so then Leah sence she has only half of
Julia Wolf
there tribs blood in her vains. Acording to there Orgin the vary 1st "werewolf" gave birth to many kids and since then the kids have married/mated with people within the tribe or at lest people from La Push that may have mated to wolfs in the far past. As far as the news goes for Julia neather case goes to Julia for she is Jacob's half sister and was the daughter of a vary plae woman from the city far from La Push however it has been noteted that she has strong wolf blood in her vains. Her strong will and all the time she spent with Alex before going into wolf form and her stress with Alex gone and Jacob changing helped speed up her change. also since half of her blood is from a random woman gave her a unique ability that only she has by keeping her hair long reaching down her back it becomes an over coat color from head to tail on her back as the rest of the fur represents her light skin color making her fur nice light brown on top of her head to tail and down a bit of her legs and the rest a nice tan color. She is the only one in the pack with long hair for it does not effect her fur langth for unkown rasons.


Her story starts to before she was even born. Her Dad Billy Black lived a happy life with his wife Sarah and there two duaghters Rebecca and Rachel and there youngest Son Jacob till one day Sarah got killed in a car accident and her body was so mangled that her coffin was nailed shut. Billy ended up being in a wheel chair thanks to the accident and fell into a deep depression finding himself drinking at bars with his best friend Charlie Swan.

One night he stays later then Charlie and gets drunk raped by a unkown woman who was VARY pale for she has this paleness in her family line even mixed kids from her family are plae compaired to other kids (which is why Julia looks that way) when the night is over and she leaves he has no memory of the woman or what happened.

9 months later she comes back only to leave Julia on his door step in a cheep basket and blanket with no name and a note "Hey I don't have time for a baby but I do know that shes yours as well as mine do what you want with her Billy Black take care" Billy shocked that someone would be so hartless and that she claims the baby was also his he took her in for the night feeling drawn to her for reasons he couldn't explain at the time. Rachel and Rebecca did not like the news and said that he should put her up for adoption Billy told them he needs to find out if she is his daughter 1st before doing anything and has her sleep with Jacob in his room who is more then happy to have her here "Im always the youngest one I'd like to be a older brother for once".

The next day he takes her to have a blood test and it is shown that he is indeed the father of the baby the doctor asked if he would have liked to know who the mother was Billy declines saying "If that woman is hartless enough to leave her on my door step shortly after she is born then she is not her mother" when the tests are done he decieds to name her Julia for being the "Jewel that brightens the room". Jacob from that point on always helped Billy take care of her while Rebecca and Rachel did not accept her as there sister believing there mother should be the one with them not her and as soon as they were old enogh they left the house to get away from the painful memories.

Unforchenly they were not the only ones who treated Julia harshly many people in La Push mainly people who were friends of Sarah's thought she would one day end up like the woman who raped Billy even though she shows no signs of doing so. No one would go near her or be friends with her besides Seath Clearwater and a classmate Sunshine (Sunny).

Over time Julia got use to the treatment and had a strong will however she believed that something was wrong with her and would cry just about everynight from the cold treatment she gets. When she meets Alex for the 1st time she could see the pain Alex had right away for she understood pain vary well. When Alex tells her of her backround story she conferts her and says "your not a monster matter what people may think your not a are just a girl...a girl whos in me" it is later shown that she can understand people's pain with all diffrent kinds of abuse better then people would expect which is why she was able to confert Alex so well also like Alex she hates child abusers.

Role in The Role-play Other Side of Forever (PG)Edit

In the Role-play she and Alex came out of the fan fiction of Twilight and went to PG to attend Gold Crown from Princess Tutu she and Alex have always loved music and found they had a talent for singing so they go to the music class at Gold Crown they quickly became best friends with the PG’s sides of the authors Amanda and Megan along with their boyfriends and friends Mytho, Fakir, Rue and Duck. They later bring in old friends from school that become the boyfriends of Rue and Duck named Dusk and Sunshine (Sunny) and also bring their boyfriends Seth and Luke. They visit Super often but live in PG and loves it there shes also close friends with Yukina, Kuwabara, Kurama and Botan from Super along with Naruto and Sakura. Her songs are based off her points of views but she words them in a way so that everyone can understand them they are mostly happy songs to fill people up with hope saying "I needed this type of music most of my life so thats the type I want to sing" (Her songs are Ally and Aj)


  • She was made to be Megan in a Twilight play of her and her friend Shana as Alex like the anime plays Shana makes for fun. However as time went on she based Julia not only of herself but her older sister Amanda untill she started to develop her own personality without Megan trying to do so.
  • She orignaly was going to be paried up with an RPC for the story. However before Megan was able to develop an RPC for her she started to get to the part ware Seth Clearwater came in (Julia and Alex were made while she was reading the books) and found he was perfect for Julia and when she found out he was single with no imprint or girlfriend in the books made him Julia's boyfriend/imprint for the fanfiction and roleplay
  • She and Alex are the only RPCs from a Fanfiction that developed into the roleplay life the others were never able to fit in to Megan's standers cuz they were to much like herslef and her friend Shana (Example Sasu and Sacroa)
  • in the fanfiction outside of the roleplay storyline Julia's fav singers are Ally and Aj insted of it being her voice.