(Twilight RPC)Alex Cullen
Alex (Alexandria) Cullen- Alex is the main Vampire RPC from Megan's Twilight Fanfiction that takes place during the Twilight Books most info deals with the Fanfiction in the roleplay she lives in PG with her friend Julia Black at Gold Crown and is friends with the main cast there and is best friends with Rue from PG and Hisa and Dean from Super. Her Human name was Alexandria Bethany Moore (Cullen for Vampire full name)

Age;14 (phicaly) (changed in 1866 and was born in 1852 in truth is 154 years old)


Birthday: July 4th (4th of July) 

Hair Color: (Naturaly) Brown (Dyed) Black with Red

Eye Color: Brown (Human) Red(New born) Gold (Vampire)

Singing Voice: Pink



Carlise CullenEdit

He is a Vampire from the 1600's and the maker of the Cullen family while the others were turned by him Jasper,Alice and Alex came in later already as Vampires. Unlike with her birth father Carlise is everything she wanted in a father and is like a Daddy's girl to him. However becase of the scars left behind by her real father she still can't open up to him fully.

Edward CullenEdit

Unlike with her friend Julia who was always close to her brother Jacob she and Edward did not get along at all and seemed to hate each other more then anything (they did except to be family members so it was a love hate relationship). Edward saw Alex as a reckless person who would eventuly let it slip that there family was one of Vampires while Alex found him annoying with his self pity with thinking himself as a monster just becase hes a vampire cuz of this she had Alice teach her how to keep Edward from reading her mind so he wouldn't see her secrets. However when Bella moved into town and started seeing Edward Alex was one of the few who saported the relationship shocking the family mainly Edward who thought she would use this as pay back. When he asked she answered "Hey everyone should have a love life you falling for a Human proves your open minded and you know what real love is not just to mate some vampire girl for the hell of it" (Unkown to them it was also cuz she became friends with Julia around the same time). As the story goes on they get closer and closer and find out they have more in common then they thought. Also when he found out about her and Julia he was fully excepting of it unlike Jacob who was outraged and aposed to it (ironicly they thought it would have happend the other way around). Now they are the closest siblings out of the family

Jasper Hale (Cullen)Edit

When she 1st became a vampire Maria witnist her kill of her father the slaves master (named Earl) and the other men shortly after being born shown that she has a narutal abilty to adapt to new abilties and life styles quickly thus had her join the newborn army and trained by Jasper. At 1st Jasper was just her teacher and she trusted him to "tame the monster inside" but as time went on they started to form a bond as Jasper began to see her as his responsibility and was the only one who didn't force her to fight or drink human blood as she was scared to drink it thinking it would lead her to kill humans in a rage like state. He found himself seeing her as his little sister before long that when he left to go with Peter and Charlotte to go to the north he had Alex come with him. Also after he met Alice in a diner in Philadelphia and fell in love with her he willingly and Alice "sight" of it had her come with them to join the Cullen family. He was shocked when she changed her look and shortened her name to Alex but excepted it. He was the closest sibling to her out of the family and is now RIGHT below Edward for he has more things in common with her then they thought.

Bella (Swan) CullenEdit

At 1st Bella was just Edwards girlfriend but after she came back after New Moon and found out Bella was able to confert Julia during her hard months of change and without her she thanked Bella and started to trust her like she was an older sister like Julia does. Whenever Julia and Alex run into a problem they go to Bella for saport for she understands them better then anyone mainly with there relationships with Edward and Jacob

Renesmee (Nessie) CullenEdit

Like everyone else in the family she has goten vary close to Renesmee and is protective of her she also calls her by Nessie for shes more pron to saying the person's nickname insted of there full name she is one of Renesmee's fav aunts

Friends like FamilyEdit

Julia (Jules) BlackEdit

She and Julia 1st meet when Julia comes with her Dad Billy and brother Jacob to say hello and welcome to Bella sence she had no school for the day decied to tour around Forks agest her fathers wishes when she bumbs into Alex she can see though her tough outlook and can tell shes a nice person and Alex agreed to give her a tour of the city sence she was skiping school for the day (she doesn't see the point of going to school over and over again) out of everyone she has the most complex relationship with Julia most people could never see how they could be friends not only for Julia being a Shape-shifter Werewolf and Alex a Vampire but also for being so different in personality's however despite what people think she understands Julia better then anyone and vise versa if anything there relationship is the same as the Roleplay Authors Megan and Amanda

Hisa (Super Only/Roleplay Only)Edit

When she came into the roleplay and visited Super for the 1st time like Julia with Yukina she became friends with Hisa just about right away. for having comon gorund for there dark lookout on life and similar personailty trates shes one of the few besides Julia and Luke who can get away with calling her Alexandria but not all the time like them. Shes the 2nd closest to her under Julia.

Rue/Princess Kraehe (PG Only/Roleplay Only)Edit

Out of everyone in the Princess Tutu cast she is closest to Rue for understanding the abuse she got from her "father" the Raven and having darker views on life. Like Hisa she is also one of the few that can get away with calling her Alexandira and vists her aprtment often and sings songs for her solo dances. Shes tied with Hisa under Julia.


Lucandrius (Luke) Darine the 4thEdit

From a rich family of Vampires he 1st got a glimps of her in 1865 when she was still human (and had her natural hair and eye color) and fell for her at 1st sight however he had to get things packed and once he got them done after the next day he went to find her and couldn't. Over the rest of the 1800's and 1900's he felt he could never find someone as beautiful as her and felt alone in his home in Englaned with nothing but his servents however when he met her again in the USA on vacation as the vampire Alex (with her punk look) he fell in love with her unkowingly caseing more problems then she already had but everything works out in the end and they end up together he also helps them fight agest the New Born Army in Eclipse. He eventuly finds out that the woman he saw back in 1865 was infact Alex when she was still human and before she changed her look and falls more in love with her then before. It is later shown that he was once half vampire and half human till he was turned by his vampire father. He also ends up becoming best friends with Seth Clearwater like Alex is with Julia. When he joins the family his name is changed to Lucandrius Darine Cullen.


She is a 100% Punk/Tomboy who likes to stand out from the crowd but do it in a way that doesn't let out her family's secret. She likes to annoy people for her enjoyment mainly her brother Edward (mainly when they had the love hate thing going on) shes also into dark things and knows alot about Super in the roleplay (even though she lives in PG) and gets along with people who have darker outlook on life.

However despite her dark Personality outlook she does deeply care for her family (Cullens) for they took her in after she went through her "hell". When she 1st meets the Cullens she becomes a Daddy's girl to Carlisle Cullen saying "Hes the Dad I always wanted the dad I wish I had from the start". She also knows all the edicite and maners like the rest of the Cullen family but chosses not to use them unless its nessairy.

She is VERY close to Julia Black despite being a warewolf and sees her as her sister and as she puts it “She maybe more preppy then most people I hang out with Bella but shes the only one who truly understands me shes sweet and kind and always knows how to make me feel better” she is vary protective of her just like Jacob Black and Seth Clearwater are shes also close to Bella for being the only one that truly understands her relationship with Julia and there sichuation sence Bella is going through the same thing (but with Love not Friendship) and is in love with Luke who becomes best friends with Seth Clearwater.

Shes truly a careing and sweet person and wants others to have the happy life she never got to have but no one sees this side of her except for the few closest to her. She HATES racesisum and chiled abusesers and doesn't think twice about saying her veiws on it. In Truth shes a sweet and shy girl hiding under a tough tomboy view to protect herself and is outgoing looking for the best in life.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Like Edward is tied with him of being the fastest Vampire in the family some days Edward is faster and other days Alex is faster as Edward states "it depends if we are upset or happy when we race it effects our speed" she has no power like Alice or Edward but is noteted to be the best at adapting to new life styles,abilities and people this has been said by a number of people mainly Jasper and Edward for unlike Jasper who has to be under constint watch from drinking human blood Alex was able to adapt to animal blood rather quickly (her not drinking more human blood then nessary also helped) and was able to adapt to having Bella in the house often (being friends with Julia also helped in this ariea)


Alex Human
She was born in 1852 in a small house on a hill by the country side to a happy mother who always wanted a child. However her mother bleeds to death from child birth shortly after she was born. Her father grief stricken from losing his wife makes his mind snap into a unstable stage for the rest of his life seeing Alexandria as the one to blame for her death.

As soon as she could walk her father started to abuse her starting with small things but as she got older the abuse got worse to the point that when she turned 10 he would rape her at any chance he got. However during this time it is reviled that he grew scared of her for her personality that was “unlady” like back in the 1800’s even when she was a human child she was a “free spirit” always looking for a way out of her “hell” and always wore her dresses short so she could run more freely also as she got older she started to look more into the darker things in life from the abuse eventually liking only black and red for colors because “black is the color that you can hide in from what your afraid of and red for my love and hatered”.

One night she couldn’t take the abuse anymore and tried to run away however her father got her before she had the chance to run and locked her in her room and set the house on fire hoping it would kill her for the “monster” she was and reported it as an accident it was also reviled that he did this to burn away the painful memories and the monster that took his love away. Luckily for Alex she was able to get out the window and grab her things that didn’t get burned and escaped before the house caved in on her and ran away to live on the streets.

After 2 years of living out in the streets passed out from hunger and thirst a slave woman finds her and takes her in hiding her from there “master” Alex grew to see her as a mother and the other slaves as family and was able to understand the abuse they got from the master since it was similar to what her father did to her.

After 2 years the slaves decided to try and run away during the civil war bringing Alex with them However the woman Sarah (who took her in) got captured and taken back to the master Alex tried to go after her but the other slaves kept her back shortly afterword’s they got attacked by a couple of vampires from the vampire army who kills the slaves for food as Alex tries to get away one of the vampires attacks her and drinks her blood but before it could finish killing her vampires from the other side came in to fight them and were tackled into the distance leaving Alex for dead.

But instead of dying she changed into a vampire not knowing what she was she got up and saw everyone she considered family dead out of grief and rage for having everything taken from her she goes and kills the men who took Sara away she then goes to the masters home only to arrive to late seeing Sarah’s body beaten to death again out of rage she kills the master and finds herself in quest for more blood and uses her new senses to find her birth father. When she does find him she goes into a red vision only rage to see hes moved on and has remaired to another woman who was not home at the time she torchers him slowly to make him “suffer the same pain you cased me” by the time she was finished the woman came home and screamed yelling monster Alex who was in shock for having a stranger be tariffed of her looks into a merrior nearby and is tariffed at what she has now become as the rage calms down a relastion hits her she finds out she is a vampire and has killed people out of anger she runs away from the sight scared she will kill more people however unknown to her Maria and her two partners Lucy and Nettie saw everything that happened and offered her to join their newborn army for a good case and have Jasper train her to control her anger and blood thirst. Alex agreed only so Jasper could control the “monster inside her”. After her years with Jasper and the army they grew attached and Jasper felt she was his responsibility so when he left she went with him meeting up with Alice and later the Cullens.

Shortly after she met the Cullens she changed how she dressed to the darker look she has today and cut her hair short and dyed it black later putting red stricks in it saying “if im going to be reborn as a vampire of the Cullen family im going to be doing it my way im no longer going to be a push over for people to pick on im going to stand up for myself live up to my goals and live my life im no longer Alexandria im now Alex, Alex Cullen don’t you ever forget that” Alex reviled to Julia and Bella that the reason why she hates and refuses to be called Alexandria is because her father always called her by that name so it would bring back bad flash backs of the abuse she also reviled that’s why she hates child abusers cuz it reminds her of her father she also reviled why she hates raceisum because it was the blacks that took her in so she sees them as equals.

Role in The Role-play Other Side of Forever (PG)Edit

In the Role-play she and Julia came out of the fan fiction of Twilight and went to PG to attend Gold Crown from Princess Tutu she and Julia have always loved music and found they had a talent for singing so they go to the music class at Gold Crown they quickly became best friends with the PG’s sides of the authors Amanda and Megan along with their boyfriends and friends Mytho, Fakir, Rue and Duck. They later bring in old friends from school that become the boyfriends of Rue and Duck named Dusk and Sunshine (Sunny) and also bring their boyfriends Seth and Luke they visit Super often but live in PG even though Alex likes the dark stuff in Super she could never bring herself to live there “I have lived in darkness all my life I would like to stay living here in PG its calm and peaceful it has drama of its own but I like it” as she told Julia shes also close friends with Hisa,Hiei,Yusuke and Keiko from Super along with Sasuke and Gaara. Her songs are based off her backround and her points of views but she words them in a way so that everyone can understand them (Pinks Songs like Conversations with my 13 year old self is about her human half but she put 13 so it could relate to everyone sence thats the age most people have there strugles)


  • Alex was made to be Shana a friend of Megan's from School in a Twilight play like the anime ones Shana makes for fun. However over time she was being more based on Amanda and Megan's other friend Alysha more then Shana untill she devloped her own personality without Megan trying to do so
  • She was orignaly going to be paried up with an RPC named Chris to Shana's request Megan made him and a good backround to fit into the story but could never make him to be Alex's type insted in the fanfic hes a friend that helps them save Bella from James and later agest the New Born army and defend Renesmee, In the roleplay he is the jerk ex boyfriend of Alex. Hes replaced by Luke in both fanfic and Roleplay who is Amanda's Character RPC.
  • She and Julia are the only RPCs from a Fanfiction that developed into the roleplay life the others were never able to fit in to Megan's standers cuz they were to much like herslef and her friend Shana (Example Sasu and Sacroa)
  • Her human name is based off of Pink's real name since shes Alex's "singing voice" in the roleplay
  • in the fanfiction outside of the roleplay storyline Alex's fav singer is Pink insted of it being her voice